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Surgical training in cadaveric model of intraluminal occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in rats, using limited resources

Fredy Leonardo Carreño Hernandez, Juan Pablo Quintanilla, Fernando P Cardenas

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Ischemic stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability in the world. This is because current interventions are effective only in a narrow window of time. To prolong the period in which the interventions are effective, several in vivo animal models have been developed, among which an ischemic stroke is induced by introduction of an intraluminal catheter through the internal carotid artery or by inoculation of a thrombus into the common carotid artery. However, these models are not easy to execute in regions where access to specialized surgical material is difficult. We propose a study in a cadaveric model with Wistar rats with the aim of producing a surgical approach, like that achieved by introducing an intraluminal catheter at the base of the middle cerebral artery, using resources that are easily accessible to any laboratory. 40 rat carcasses, watchmaker tweezers, 0.17 mm diameter nylon suture and silicone were used to produce catheters, office clips, disposable cauterizer, 0.6 mm diameter soft wire as vascular clamp and hypodermic needles G -22 and G-32. Two surgical techniques for intraluminal introduction and occlusion are described. It was possible to introduce the catheter to the middle cerebral artery between 33 and 45 minutes, with a value in Colombian pesos for the total supplies of 200,000 COP / 27 USD for reusable materials. Although the procedure was reproducible in all the animals used, it is necessary to run this model in-vivo to observe its reproducibility by testing different treatments.


Brain Stroke, Animal model, Arterial obstruction, Animal surgery, Training

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